Head Abbot No. 1
XSNGH Dan 'Tuna" McCormick
(xsnghtuna@gmail.org - 253-270-1369)
PNW Vituscan Missionaries Co-Founder
XSNGH Wild Bill "Foghorn" Wensrich

(bwensrich@comcast.net - 916-208-4270)



Invite all brother's in good standing to:
The Pacific Northwest
Society of 4x4 Vituscan Missionaries
Inaugural Weekend Clampout
"Naches Pass Wagon Road"
September 9th - 11th, 2022 (6027)
(Limited to the first 40 people who register! Limit 20 vehicles on the run!)

4x4 Vehicle Required to attend. This is not a Doin's!!!
Communications on the trail: FRS radio/walkie talkies (Channel 13)
Radio/Walkie Talkie not required but highly reccomended.


The Clampsite will be located at:
Buck Creek Campground
(AKA: Ranger Creek Campground)
NF-7160, Enumclaw, WA 98002
Hwy 410 ten minutes past Greenwater—turn right on road FS 7160
(CG on left side of runway)

We will be camped at the large group site at the end of the left side of the runway by the porta potties.)
(You must have a USFS Campground Pass or other accepted pass to park and camp overnight!!!)
USFS Campground passes can be purchased at most sporting goods locations.
Come early Friday and buy your pass at the location below!

Enumclaw Office
450 Roosevelt Ave. E.
Enumclaw, WA 98022

Virtual Service Available   8:00 AM – 4:30 PM     Tuesday – Friday

When using phone services, expect to leave a voicemail. Your call will be returned quickly.

To purchase passes, maps, or merchandise, please visit discovernw.org

To find a vendor near you that sells passes visit here.

Phone: (360) 825-6585           

Email the Enumclaw Office

Parking will be limited!!! Please carpool!!!

We will meet at the Enumclaw Plateau Historical Museum at 4:00p.m.
on Friday Septermber 9th for a presentation on the historic Naches Pass.
Leave early for Museum talk. There may be heavy traffic into Enumclaw!
We will head to the campsite after the presentation.

1837 Marion Street, Enumclaw, WA  98022


Food and drink are on your own!
Those who survive the trail will receive:
PNW Vituscan Missionary Membership Certificate
and registration package!

Membership certificate presentation ceremony will be held Saturday evening.


The ordeal takes place next to a grizzly bear and cougar infested forest
along the old Naches Trail that has become notorious for mysterious disappearances of miners, loggers, hunters,
and intrepid explorers throughout the known history of the area.

Redshirts = $40 PREPAY ONLY!!!



One non-clamper ride along allowed per clamper attendee. The intent is to bring prospective PBC's to meet and get to know:
Non - Clamper Ride along's = $20

No Widder's, must be 21 years old, does not include goodies!)

There is no initiation! Any inappropriate activities with result in removal from the event!

( Prepays must be received by 9/2/2022)

Register and pay online now!
Pre-Pay by PayPal!
(Pay by Credit Card)
"No PayPal Account Required"

Click Heer to Register Online
and pay by PayPal!


Due to the nature of the event,
all scheduled events and activities arer subject to change!

Pack it in, pack it out!!!


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