The 2020 Masquerade Widder's Ball ~ February 29th

6:00 p.m . ~  Midnight @ the Marion Grange Hall in Buckley, WA


 Doc Maynard Chapter No. 54-40 General Meeting Dates for 2020: 

First Saturday of each month at 3:54:40pm

1/4, 2/1, 3/7, 4/4, 5/2, 6/6, *7/11, 8/1, 9/5, 10/3, 11/7, 12/5 

(*Second Sat.) 

Location: Orting Eagles Aerie No. 3840
(Orting Eagles 112 Bridge St. S, Orting, WA 98360)

~Graybeard Meeting @ 1:54:40pm~ 

The History Behind Our Chapter



David Swinson "Doc" Maynard (March 22, 1808 – March 13, 1873) was an American pioneer, doctor, and businessman. He was one of Seattle's primary founders. He was an effective civic booster and, compared to other white settlers, a relative advocate of Native American rights. His friendship with Chief Seattle was important in the formation of the city of Seattle, and it was he who proposed the city be named for this important chief. Maynard was Seattle's first doctor, merchant prince, second lawyer, Sub-Indian Agent, Justice of the Peace, and architect of the Point Elliott Treaty of 1855.


54°40′ OR FIGHT!

 June 1, 1859, American settler Lyman Cutlar shot a pig owned by farm manager, Charles Griffin of the Hudson Bay Company. "It was eating my potatoes", Cutlar had previously warned Griffin to keep his pig out of his potato patch, Griffin replied, "It's up to you to keep your potatoes out of my pig". When Cutlar realized that Hudson's Bay Co. owned the pig, he attempted to compensate for the pig, but when he was informed that the prize breeder was worth $100 he refused to pay. Cutlar was soon visited by A.G. Dallas, the president of the board of H.B.C. and son-in-law to the governor, and several other men. They came to inform Cutler, that he was trespassing and would be arrested if he did not pay the $100 they claimed he owed. Fellow Americans requested U.S. military protection. This they got, in the form of one Brigadier General William Selby Harney.  



In 1993, Dan Kerege -- a Clamper since 1981 -- knew of a few Clampers living in the Pacific Northwest and they discussed the possibility of forming a Washington Outpost. Over the next few years he and John Lynch, another Clamper, scouted around for more “redshirts” that had moved north from California. In February, 2000, a group of them met at Jules Mae’s Saloon in Georgetown, where they agreed to organize under the name of Doc Maynard, a colorful Seattle pioneer. As Kerege put it, “Doc was a Clamper too, he just didn’t know it.”  


As I pass through life, may I always be humble; 

may I never take myself seriously;

may I always appreciate a little of the ridiculous; 

may I always be a two-fisted Clamper 

when the bottle passes my way and if I imbibe, 

and can't hold it like a man, 

then may I always be able to pass it to the next brother; 

may I never forget the stout-hearted 

men who settled a great western wilderness and the heritage we have today.

May I never fail to appreciate a bit of western lore. 



Above and beyond our primary goal of preserving local history, as Clampers we know that there are those in our community that need assistance.  Historically we have always made widows and orphans of the community our priority, but we have extended our helping hands to include the elderly, the sick, the feeble, the financially barren, the listless, and the needy on all levels.  Whether it be volunteering for a local non-profit, cleaning up property and buildings, fundraising for those in need, or pulling over to change a tire; we thrive on the happiness of those around us.  Need a hand?  Have an event you would like us to support?  Proper scheduling allows us to coordinate with our hundreds of members throughout the Puget Sound.  Give us a holler, let's see what we can do for you!

Irish Kate Outpost No. 1858


We are an organization dedicated to the restoration, preservation, and recognition of places of historical interest.  Specifically in the areas in Washington which made up Spokane County in 1858 these include current Spokane, Adams, Lincoln, Whitman, and Stevens Counties.

Abernathy Gray Outpost No. 1792


George Abernathy - Capt. Robery Gray 1792