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Miscellaneous Links:

The History of E Clampus Vitus
The on-line encyclopedia of Seattle and Tacoma, King and Pierce County history.
(XNGH Cap'n Al helps run it)

Ehraim Bee - Founder of E Clampus Vitus

The Pig War
(The war that never happened)

Doc's Digital Museum

Washington Mining History

Encyclopedia of Western Railroad History

Bill Spiedel's Underground Tour
608 First Avenue (Pioneer Square)
    Seattle, WA 98104

Historic American Documents

U.S. History Online Textbook

Seattle Museum of History and Industry

Klondike Gold Rush National Historic Park

Museum of Flight

Seattle Municipal Archives

Tacoma Public Library, Northwest Room

Maynard, Dr. David Swinson (1808-1873) 

Lake View Cemetary (Doc's Resting Place)


1857 Census: King County Population By Name 

Washington State History Museum

Mount Rainier Scenic Railway


Recommended Readin':

E Clamus Vitus - Now & Then
Seth Slopes
(Ask your hawker for availability)
ECV then and now 1852 - 1966

Seattle/Tacoma/Puget Sound Area:

Sons of the Profits
William C. Speidel
ISBN 0-914890-00-X

Doc Maynard
William C. Speidel
ISBN 0-914890-02-6

Skid Road
Murray Morgan
ISBN 0-295-95846-4

Puget's Sound
Murray Morgan
ISBN 0-295-98303-5

Seattle In The 1880s
David Buerge
ISBN 0-939806-06-1

Company Towns of the Pacific Northwest
Linda Carlson
ISBN 0-295-98332-9

Alaska/Klondike Gold Rush:

White Pass
Roy Minter
ISBN 0-912006-33-1

Good Time Girls of the Alaska-Yukon Gold Rush
Lael Morgan
ISBN 0-945397-76-3


The Last Days of the Late, Great State of California
Curt Gentry
(Note:  Out of Print, but copies can be found in used book stores or sometimes online)

The Clampers Creed

As I pass through life, may I always be humble; may I never take myself seriously;
may I always appreciate a little of the ridiculous; may I always be a two-fisted Clamper
when the bottle passes my way and if I imbibe, and can't hold it like a man,
then may I always be able to pass it to the next brother; may I never forget the stout-hearted
men who settled a great western wilderness and the heritage we have today.
May I never fail to appreciate a bit of western lore.

Doc's Appt. Book
Waterin' Holes
Fool's Gold
ECV Lynks
Chapter Offishuls

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